Our search for increasingly comprehensive and efficient services pushes us to improve every day. Which is why we decided to add the sandblasting and painting of vehicles and work vehicles to our body shop.

These are two distinct procedures but they are part of a single process, where the first (sandblasting) is preparatory to the second (painting). Let’s find out how and why.



Sandblasting is a process whereby the outermost layer of a material is removed with a powerful stream of sand and air. It is the best method for cleaning metal surfaces and thus prepare them for painting or applying corrosion resistant coatings.

It’s a key step, because it removes all the residue that covers, with wear and tear, the outer coating of the vehicle (such as rust, various oxides and older paint layers). Thanks to sandblasting, the paint can be applied directly over the metal, with more stable results and proper adherence.


Paints are important: we strictly use water-based paints which are less polluting.

All painting stages take place inside specially industrial booths: these are pressure and temperature controlled enclosed areas where the paint can dry uniformly.


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